Backpacking Visayas | Day 7: Hi, Cebu. Daghang Salamat, Visayas!

Backpacking Visayas | Day 7: Hi, Cebu. Daghang Salamat, Visayas!

Day 7: No ligo.

Woke up early to buy tickets from Siquijor to Dumaguete. Upon arriving at our hotel, we just got our things and headed off to Cebu via a ferry. From Santander, you can ride a bus to Cebu City which takes around 6 hours.

We got on a bus and decided to visit the beautiful Simala Church in Sibonga, Cebu. Shorts, sleeveless shirts/blouse are not allowed so make sure you wear proper attire.



Feeling hungry, we decided to go to Carcar to have lechon at the public market.


And after, we were on our way to Cebu City. Upon arriving, we looked for a cheap motel/hotel as our flight was at 4am.

To kill time, we had dinner and a few drinks at Larsian.


And before we knew it, our seven day backpacking trip has come to an end. Damn!




Backpacking Visayas | Day 5 & 6: Ahoy, Apo Island! What’s up, Siquijor!

Backpacking Visayas | Day 5 & 6: Ahoy, Apo Island! What’s up, Siquijor!

Day 5 – Hello, turtles!

Upon arriving at the terminal in Dumaguete, you need to do the following to get to Apo Island:

  1. Get on a bus bound for Bayawan and ask the conductor to drop you off at Malapatay.
  2. Walk to the station where you can rent a boat. (A small boat for 4pax costs around P2,000)

Upon arrival you can rent tables and ask the locals to cook for you. But before food, we decided to swim with the turtles!


As you can see, I asked our guide to kick me down because I couldn’t go deeper. It was really hot and there isn’t much to do in Apo Island except to swim with the turtles and to go to the lighthouse which is a tiring 20-30 minute trek. We decided to leave at around 3PM as boats are not allowed to leave Apo Island after 4PM.

From Malapatay, we rode a jeepney to Dumaguete where we spontaneously had to walk around and look for a cheap lodging house as we were going to leave early the next morning for Siquijor.

Day 6 – Exploring Mystical Siquijor! (And getting stranded)

We got up at around 6AM to catch the first trip to Siquijor. (Fare is around P135) Beforehand, we already contacted our tour guide, Kuya Loloy (+639097561901).

Unfortunately, I already lost most of my photos from Siquijor except for a few from my GoPro. Basically, the whole daytour consists of the following:

  • Capilay Spring Park, San Juan, Siquijor
  • Enchanted Balete Tree
  • Cambugahay Falls
  • Salagdoong Beach

Below are some photos from Cambugahay Falls:



And this is the part where it gets kind of exciting. Upon arriving at the port back to Dumaguete, we were informed that no boats are allowed to leave as the waves are too strong. So we had to find a place to spend the night and we just made the most out of it by drinking the night away.

Backpacking Visayas | Day 4: Bacolod, The City That Made Me Smile (All day)

Backpacking Visayas | Day 4: Bacolod, The City That Made Me Smile (All day)

Day 4 – The Ruins + Great food + Balay Negrense

The part that I was most excited about was the Bacolod leg. As I have always wanted to visit the ruins.

How to get there: Ride a jeepney bound for Bata and tell the driver to drop you off at Pepsi Bottling Plant. There are tricycles waiting there that are ready to take you straight to the Ruins.

Upon arrival, you need to pay P100. You need to walk a little to reach the ruins, then which you can sit down inside while waiting for the tour guide to start. Roger was funny as hell! I actually enjoyed how he explained how the ruins started. It’s dubbed as the Taj Mahal of the Philippines as it was also made out of love for a woman.


Since we came early, there weren’t a lot of people.


Feeling hungry at around 11am, we decided to go to 21 Restaurant, which is located along Lacson, to have lunch.

Must Try: Pepper Steak!

Then, dessert at Calea!


After having dessert, we then got on jeepney to the terminal then took a Silay bound Bus. Ask the conductor to drop you off at El Ideal bakery. From there, you can walk to Balay Negrense.

Then we had to go back to Bacolod and took the Ceres bus to Dumaguete.

Backpacking Visayas | Day 3: Batchoy and Bacolod Chicken Inasal Lovin’

Backpacking Visayas | Day 3: Batchoy and Bacolod Chicken Inasal Lovin’

Day 3 – Hello, Iloilo! What’s good, Bacolod?

Upon arriving at Iloilo City, we rode a cab to One Lourdes Dormitel.  Since it was a little late, we decided to just order food from Alberto’s Pizza. (I believe they are open until 2am!)

The next day, we decided to visit Museo Iloilo.

Museo Iloilo, Bonifacio Dr., Iloilo City

The museum is a little small, though the staff were very knowledgeable about everything. Iloilo has a rich historical past, it was once called the “Queen City of the South”, according to one of the staff. They also suggested that we visit Guimaras, however we didn’t have time as we were planning to go to Bacolod after.

Museo de Iloilo is open everyday (Monday to Saturday at 9am-5pm and Sunday at 10am-6pm). Admission fee is P15 for students and P50 for adults.


From the museum, you can take a “La Paz”,  “Jaro CPU”, or “Jaro Liko” jeepney going to Lapaz Market.

We had lunch at one of the well-known batchoy places, Netong’s Original Special La Paz Batchoy Restaurant.


Food is really affordable and I really like that it’s inside the public market, makes it feel more authentic! For P120, the serving is really big! I also got some puto. I was really full after!

After filling our tummies with delicious batchoy, we visited the Jaro Cathedral.

Jaro Belfry

From the Cathedral, we were supposed to ride a cab to Dumangas port which is a little far, however the cab driver told us about new Iloilo Ferry Terminal in Barangay Obrero in Lapuz, Iloilo City. So we asked him to take us there, so we can take the ferry to Bacolod. It takes around an hour and costs around P230.

Upon arrival, we took a cab to Ong Bun Pension House. (Worst mistake ever! Read reviews here.) Please find another place to stay at.

During dinnertime, we decided to eat at Aida’s Manukan!

Beer + Chicken Inasal FTW! The place was hot, it was noisy, but the food was awesome!

After dinner, we bought some freshly made piyaya at Bong Bong’s and just stayed at the plaza. We walked around the city, as we didn’t want to stay at the pension house. LOL. It was a crazy day, but we still enjoyed the night, dancing the running man at the Bacolod Plaza! HAHA!

Backpacking Visayas | Day 1 & 2 : Hello, Islas de Gigantes!

Backpacking Visayas | Day 1 & 2 : Hello, Islas de Gigantes!


I have always wanted to try backpacking however just thinking about it makes me tired already. But, last year, I finally found the courage to try it. I tagged along with a friend and his officemates and finally made my “Backpacking dream” happen!

Day 1Hello, Gigantes Islands!

We arrived at Roxas Airport at around 6am. We then took a tricycle to the Ceres Bus Station, and rode a bus bound for Estancia.

Estancia Port

We booked a package for 5 at Gigantes Hideaway for P2355 inclusive of the following:

  • Private boat for 2 days
  • Roundtrip transfer at Estancia Port
  • Island hopping
  • Island entrance fees
  • Environmental fee
  • 1 night accommodation
  • Local island/Cave guide
  • 4 meals (Family service seafood buffet meals/Unli-rice)
  • Motorbike fare for 2 days


  • Island hopping, swimming, snorkeling
  • Natural cliff jumping
  • Trekking spelunking
  • Visit century old lighthouse
  • Watch sunrise and sunset

It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours from Estancia Port to Gigantes Hideaway so it was a good chance to catch-up on some sleep.


Upon arriving at Gigantes, first order of business – Lamon! Lunch was amazing. Crabs, scallops and a delicious shell fish they call “Wasay wasay”.

After a little rest and some much needed charging of gadgets, we rode on the motorbikes to the starting point of our trek at Bakwitan Cave.

Bakwitan, which came from the word “Evacuate-an” or a place to evacuate, was one of the refuge areas during the war for many of the locals. Up to today, this place is where they go to during strong typhoons.

The first part was fairly easy. A little rocky, but after 15 minutes, we arrived at the entrance to the cave. It was a little dark and we did not bring flashlights, so we had to use our phones.

I have tried spelunking before in Sagada and I must say this was a little harder than I expected. It regret not bringing water, thinking that it was just a “walk in the park” kind of trek.

The breathtaking view from the top.

Upon getting out of the cave, we saw a big Balete tree. I let out a big sigh because finally, we were almost done. Almost. The way down was harder. The rocks were sharp so we had to really be extra careful.

The old balete tree.


We were greeted by a sign that said “Congratulations, you did it!” which made me feel really good upon realizing how difficult the trek was. Then we hopped on the motorbikes and went to the nearby beach to watch the sunset.


All the travelling, trekking and lack of sleep made me feel exhausted so I just laid on the sand like a starfish, feeling the water on my feet and some sand on my hair. But it was a great way to end the first day of a week-long trip with a beautiful sunset on the beach. (Even if the sun hid behind the clouds.)


Day 2 – Gigantes Lighthouse + Island Hopping + Travel to Iloilo City

Woke up earlier than usual just to see the sunrise. Totally worth it!

On our second day, we decided to visit the Gigantes Lighthouse at around 7am. It is one of the 27 major Spanish lighthouses built by Spaniards. The old lighthouse was destroyed during a typhoon a few years back. The new medium-sized, solar powered lighthouse was donated by Japan.


The view was amazing!


13343151_10208461171519004_8133605065561218265_n (1)

We went back to the resort to have breakfast, then we started the island hopping!

First stop, Tangke Saltwater Lagoon!

13335699_10208464539923212_4360238202619041117_n (1)13339516_10208464540283221_7129987425197108338_n (1)

A dip in the clear waters of the Tangke was a great way to start the day. Tangke Saltwater Lagoon is walled by beautiful limestone cliffs. Too bad we weren’t able to cliff jump as the waters were a little shallow that day.

Next stop, (probably) the most photographed island in Gigantes Sur, Cabugao Gamay! 

The view from the top.

Cabugao Gamay Island is simply gorgeous. It’s small, but the clear waters and white sand made me realize and understand why it is the most popular destination in Isla de Gigantes.

The last two destinations that we visited were Bantigue Sandbar and Antonia beach. Unfortunately I was not able to take more photos as my camera ran out of battery.


We went back to the island, had lunch and then prepared to go back to Estancia Port. It was a little hard saying goodbye to the beautiful islands of Gigantes, but I shall return!

From Estancia Bus Terminal, it takes around 4-5 hours to Iloilo City.