Backpacking Visayas | Day 7: Hi, Cebu. Daghang Salamat, Visayas!

Day 7: No ligo.

Woke up early to buy tickets from Siquijor to Dumaguete. Upon arriving at our hotel, we just got our things and headed off to Cebu via a ferry. From Santander, you can ride a bus to Cebu City which takes around 6 hours.

We got on a bus and decided to visit the beautiful Simala Church in Sibonga, Cebu. Shorts, sleeveless shirts/blouse are not allowed so make sure you wear proper attire.



Feeling hungry, we decided to go to Carcar to have lechon at the public market.


And after, we were on our way to Cebu City. Upon arriving, we looked for a cheap motel/hotel as our flight was at 4am.

To kill time, we had dinner and a few drinks at Larsian.


And before we knew it, our seven day backpacking trip has come to an end. Damn!





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